Database Research Group

WSI – Database Systems Research Group

Database Systems Research Group — U Tübingen

Welcome to the web presence of the Database Research Group at U Tübingen.

Our group pursues a variety of "all-time classic" database research questions – prime examples include query language design, translation, and optimization – but with a few twists:

  • We are particularly interested in using different flavors of relational database technology to support non-relational data models and languages. This has led to efficient and scalable XML and XQuery processors, for example.
  • Whenever insightful and promising, we apply techniques that have their roots in the programming languages community to the database research domain. This paves the way for expressive and elegant language-integrated queries, new query compilation techniques, declarative query debuggers, or data provenance analyzers.

We love to teach the basics as well as the intricacies of database systems. Courses on query and programming language technology are found in our repertoire as well.